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Here at Synchronicity we think we have one of the finest placement teams in the country. With many years of combined experience operating as career experts and recruiters, we have provided executive placement and career advice, counseled or have been in contact with over 100,000 executives in job search or transition. We use our working relationships with 1000ís of companies, and our understanding of working relationships to help our clients become very successful in their job searches.

Because our team have strong commercial company backgrounds, we clearly understand and relate to the decisions, issues and problems faced daily by those who find themselves in job or career transition or who wish to position themselves better for the next move. Our only focus is helping individuals achieve their career and financial goals. Our clients are successful because we understand the hiring needs of commercial entities.

There are many factors that make our careers successful. There are numerous activities and styles that influence who we are and how we manage each employment situation in which we find ourselves. Sometimes we are in control. At other times, we drift into the most convenient situation or really get just too busy to plan our careers. This is a great time for you to stop and step back and review your wishes and needs regarding your career health and your strategy to allow your career to assist you in accomplishing your financial goals.

Our job candidates never incur a fee for placement.
All fees are assumed by the hiring organisation.

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